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Our Privacy Policy will explain you how your personal information is collected, used and shared when you shop on our page


What personal information are we collecting?

When you visit our page, we automatically collect certain information about such things like the device you are using, what king of browser your using, whats your IP address or what time zone your in. Also, we collect some information about cookies on your device. Also sometimes we collect information about where did you hear about us, what websites or search terms referred you to our page or about web pages or products which you viewed before.


How we collect information?

We use mainly ‘’cookies” (and you can’t eat them sadly ;) )


‘’Cookies” are data files which are placed on your device such as a smartphone or tablet or on your computer. If you want to know more about it, please visit 


We also use ‘’Log files” as we really want to know from where you visiting us and how often, we collect your IP address, occasionally we might collect other information such us browser type, Internet service provider or how many times you view or how long you spend on our page – all just to improve our service! And finally, we’re using Google Analytics, we want to get better service so we want to know and we collect information what are you attempt to buy or why did you not. We also collect some information when you purchase items on our page ( this information is your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (also credit/debit card numbers or PayPal account Ids), email address and phone number. We will call all of this informations „Personal Data” from now on.


So please always be careful where did you put this information, as some websites are not reliable and some of the websites collecting information to defraud you.


How do we use your personal information?

​‘’Personal Data” which we collect from you we generally use to fulfill any orders which you placed through our page (also for processing your payment information, when we’re processing shipment of your parcel or when we’re sending invoices and any other order information you may need. We need this information to be able to communicate with you, process your order, to see what other products we can offer you in the future. We also need this ‘’Personal Data” to provide you information about your order and shipment. We also use your ‘’Personal Data” to prevent any possibility of fraud or any potential risk somebody else will use your ‘’Personal Data”. To be honest we also want to improve our service, so when we’re collecting your ‘’Personal Data” we can improve our service and optimize our page


Do we share your ‘’Personal Data”?

Yes we do! It’s necessary to share your ‘’Personal Data” with third parties to provide our service to you! For example, we use Wix to power our online shop and to collect payment from you.


Read more here:


We use also tools like Google Analytics to help us improve our page and service for you! Additionally, we use your ‘’Personal Data” is when we need to meet the requirements of laws and regulations ex.we need to share information or respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful requests for information which we collect. We use this “personal Data” also when we need to protect our rights!


Do we use your ‘’Personal Data” in other way?

As we mentioned above we use your ‘’Personal Data” to provide you all of our services and also when we want to target our advertisements or we want to have contact with you about our marketing offers such as promotions or special sales. We believe it might be of interest to you thats we do it!


What you can do if you don’t want us to collect your ‘’Personal Data”?


Simply, don’t visit our page :) Do not buy our products and leave our page please.


What you can do about your ‘’Personal Data” that we collect? Know your rights!!

You always have the right to access your ‘’Personal Data” information which we collect about you! Also you have right to change them anytime. You can also ask us to correct them, update them or delete them. Just contact us on our email



How long do we keep your ‘’Personal Data”?

When you’re shopping on our site we maintain your ‘’Personal Data” until you ask us to delete it.

​Who can shop on our page?

We kindly ask if you under 16 years old please do not shop in our page.

​Please note this privacy policy might be updated from time to time.

If you have any questions about our private policy or anything at all, please don’t hesitate and contact us via email

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