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Welcome to Eco-Bee fabrics! We’re buzzing to have you!


My name is Elwi 😊


I'm the owner of this business, the main woman in my small shop whom you will be dealing with 😊


Since I become a Mom I was looking for great quality, bright and colourful fabric prints for my son and for myself. Because I couldn't find what I was looking for in Irish shops I decided to bring them into Ireland myself.

And here I am, working to get fabulous fabrics with great patterns and best quality it could be! But also still expanding our growing range of haberdashery too, as fabrics is not all what we need  😊 


So welcome everybody! 

Feel free to ask for anything you want, and please give us feedback on what you think!


Thank you for joining us and enjoy!


Check our Facebook page and group for more exciting news! 

Regards, Elwi <3

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