Welcome to Eco-Bee fabrics! We’re buzzing to have you!


My name is Elwira.


I'm the owner of this business, the main woman and first (and last for now) person in the company whom you will be dealing with :).


A few months ago I became a mum, a very happy mum of beautiful son.


Like most new mums of firstborn especially, I get crazy about beautiful stuff for my baby! I was looking for great quality and nice fabrics in clothes and spent a fortune in shops making sure my boy will get only the best of the best. 😊 


Like many of you have probably experienced, it's not that easy!


Finally when my son was born I was all set to go, but.... A few weeks later when he was growing out from little baby clothes I had more and more problems to find nice quality but not boring clothes.


And as I like to be surrounded by colours and I prefer good quality like most of us I decided to start using my old sewing machine and make something for him.


I started with small stuff like trousers, t-shirts, bodysuits but finding good quality and nice pattern fabrics was the next issue. I found a couple of shops here and in the UK but none has enough of stuff to cover all my needs, or on the other hand shipping from UK for few meters of fabric was very expensive.


That was it!  


In that moment I knew I would like to have shop where I can buy colourful, crazy fabrics but I wish to have a choice for more 'normal' patterns as well if I need to sew something for a friend or family. As that I appreciate also choice of other sewing accessories like needles, threads, buttons etc. which is not great to look at for hundreds of pages separately.

As the idea was growing in my head, I shared it with my partner and I got huge support with this!


And here I am, working to get fabulous fabrics with great patterns and best quality it could be! 


I'm still working on our page, have lots of ideas and lots of fun too 😊


My dream about beeing my own boss started becoming true and I hope all of you will enjoy the results of my work.


So welcome everybody! 

Feel free to ask for anything you want, give us feedback on what you think, tell us if we're doing everything right. Share your thoughts even if it comes in bitter words (hope not 😂)!!


Thank you for joining us and enjoy!


Check our Facebook page and group for more exciting news! 

Regards, Elwira